BUN #6 schedule

Hi, and thank you for deciding to be part of this online ukulele gathering :-)

Some info for your partecipation:

Please note that
artists must be connected via zoom meeting with us in order to play live :-)

If you are super busy you can also
connect via zoom with us only when it wil be your time to play, and leave the meeting immediately after, no problem about that. Of course if you stay longer it will be kind of a party and more fun, but anyway please note you will stay "muted "most of the time when it will not be your time to play, so it's not obligatory for you to stay in the meeting for all the the duration of the show.

When is your time to play (depending also on the UTC of your country) just be sure you are connected via zoom. We will talk a little about you and your ukulele music and then you will play a couple of tunes for us, like you can see here for example.

If you don't talk very well in english, no problem, me neither, so we can keep it very basic or we can even not talk at all, we'll let the music talk :-)

Please make sure that in your "zoom audio setting" the option "Automatically adjust microphone" is UNCHECKED, otherwise there could be strange volume variations when you play.

Note that
everything happens inside Zoom will be also broadcasted live on www.adrianobono.it, YouTube, TwitchTV and Facebook :-)

Please note that during the show we may accumulate some delays, so your schedule time may slip a little :-)

Time (Central Europe Time)

Guest name




Danilo Vignola


Environmental Mermaid


Marie Doublerock






someone at surprise?! :-)

Thank you for you collaboration, see you online :-)